Karen Brophy - Cakeladykaren.com

For many years I have specialized in customized wedding cakes.  I've worked with thousands of customers creating a delicious and unique cake for their special day.

My degree is in Food Service Management and I have additional training from the Wilton School of Decorating in Chicago.  I only do a limited number of wedding cakes since I personally deliver and set up each one.  My work has been featured in wedding magazines, newspapers and television.

I Love What I Do!

My inspiration started early, I was 8 years old watching my Great Aunt Vera creating wedding cakes.  She would give me a little cake to work on at the same time and teach me cake decorating. That led to baking and decorating cakes for family and friends.  I went off to college to continue my training.  I've been the Pastry Chef for a large hotel chain and a Bakery Manager for a large University.

One of my highlights was creating a cake for then President Ronald Reagan.

That's me with short hair!

Karen Brophy

Hand Painting

Gum Paste Flower Petals with edible Luster Dust!


My Niece Whitney Couch and Me!

I was her Aunt Vera!  If you're getting hitched in Texas say "Howdy"!  Whitney owns Calling All Cakes in the DFW area!